Spišská Sobota town

Region and history

One of the most picturesque regions of Slovakia is SPIŠ (pronounce SPISH). We can meet here the beauty of historical monuments shaped in all aspects, i.e. in the architectural, sculptural, painting, and artistic craft modes respectively. One of such places is also the town of Spišská Sobota.

The first documented reference of Spišská Sobota dates back to the year of 1256. It was introduced as the Forum sabathe (Saturday market). The commercial character of the town facilitated the guild development but also trade and cultural life. After the plantation of German settlers, Spišská Sobota had become one of the most important Spis towns, intrepidly competing with such important centers as were the towns of Kežmarok and Levoča. There has been preserved many significant historical monuments in Spiska Sobota. Of the greatest value is the St. George's church with the altar coming from the workshop of Master Paul of Levoča. The architectonic and artistic valuables, the location of the town and a magnificent background of the High Tatras panorama place Spišská Sobota among the most significant reservations of Slovakia today.